What to look for when buying a new home

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“Usually, when buying an apartment in the building, a person focuses on three main criteria: price, area, and how flat landscaped. However, there are still some things are worth paying attention to when buying from companies – real estate developers. Now in Prague, a square meter costs about 60, 000 euros (about 2, 400 euros). The cheapest new home – in remote areas, for example, or Bognitse Kunratitse where you can buy real estate, and at a price of 35-48 thousand kroons (1400 – 1920 euros) per square metr.V last year in the Czech Republic was handed over 41, 650 new apartments, which is 38 percent more than in 2006. Real estate professionals predict that last year’s record in 2008 will not be beaten. The demand for new apartments will not be less, even though the increase in CSN from five to nine percent. There are even cheaper apartments in new houses in the suburbs of Prague, and small towns nearby. For example, in Kladno can buy a new apartment for 30-44 thousand crowns per square meter in some other cities near Prague prices reach 20, 000 kroons per square metr.Na such a big difference in price now paid attention to the people of Prague, which change the flat in the city for cheaper housing in a pair of tens of kilometers from the capital. Thus, even though the costs are on the way to work and live in a small town turns out to be quite profitable. For example, a new apartment in the area of 100 m2 in Prague would cost six million kroner (240, 000 euros), whereas for the dwelling to Prague will cost 2 times less. To spend several million euros of petrol when traveling to work will be difficult for even a few dozen let. Tolko here to choose the most correct apartment, which will cost little, but will be very convenient and advantageous to the residence is not so easy. Prospective buyers of new homes may be useful in the following expert advice: 1. Before you pay, you need to know, for comparison chtoPri offers real estate companies should focus not only on a specific price per square meter, but find that it is in this part of the cost. For example, the price can be reduced with VAT or without VAT. The difference in the first and second case will be significant. It is worth paying attention to how the listed price per square meter – this can be fixed cost or price “from…”, for which you can buy only the cheapest apartment in the house. It is necessary to check with the builder and the way in the area of the apartment fits the balcony or loggia. Typically, when calculating the price for the apartment is taken only half the area of the balcony. However, some organizations believe terrace area on a full stoimosti.2. Internal equipment can be very flat otlichatsyaRaznitsa in price may be due to the apartments are equipped. The standard set usually includes plumbing, wall and floor tiles in the bathroom and toilet. The price may include apartments and tile in the corner of the kitchen. Sam kitchen is usually in price is not included. However, developers may be entered into a contract with suppliers of furniture, by which the buyer gets an apartment and a discount on the installation of kitchen furniture and appliances. This, too, it is useful to ask the seller even before the conclusion of sdelki.3. Find out about plans to build a rayoneNe superfluous to go into town or district office and learn about plans for further development in area of the house. It may well happen that in a quiet area in the near future to grow a large bustling shopping center, or industrial site, which may significantly affect the attractiveness of rayona.4. The richer choices, the whole apartment luchsheDeshevle are still in the stage of the project. As soon as the third apartment is sold, the price starts to rise. The most expensive cost apartment just before the acceptance at home when they are fully prepared for the arrival of tenants. As a result, the price can jump by 20 percent. Therefore, it is better to buy an apartment immediately after the announcement of the sale when the price is the lowest, and the selection of the most bolshoy.5. Before signing the contract, carefully read all the details in the contract, for example, can be stated that for any changes in project apartments, the client will have to pay separately. Only the preparation of the draft transfer of the wall can result in 10-15 thousand crowns. Even small changes, such as replacing the color of the tiles in the bathroom, some developers may be worth considerable money. Sometimes it is advantageous to leave it at that, and after passing the apartment to make repairs to your taste and tsvet.6. The contract on mortgage loan learn vnimatelnoPri decision about buying an apartment on credit, should carefully read the proposed contract. It is always worth to compare offers from several banks, and not to select only those that offer the lowest bid. Large differences can be in payment for the preparation of the contract, account management and time fixed rate loan.

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